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Homes of the Future

Old homes were made of wood. There wasn’t much glass to be found. But as times progressed, glass slowly made an appearance into homes. And as things progress, homes of the future may be made entirely of glass – with not much wood to be found.

As glass manufacturing makes new strides, new uses for glass are found and made possible. Glass was once so brittle that it was not possible to walk on it without it shattering. But glass floors and staircases abound in these modern times. Coral Industries has created a number of sturdy floors and staircases for business. Floors and stairs made of glass have a futuristic feel and look, giving an old home or a new one a very modern look.

Not only can the interior be made of glass, but so can the exterior. Businesses already take advantage of the clean look a glass building gives them. New advances in glass manufacturing allow for a home to be completely see through when you want it to be or – with the flip of  a switch – completely opaque for privacy.

Typical in-home uses of glass are still common, such as glass showers, countertops, and cabinet doors. But as times change, and we move into a world from a science-fiction novel of the past, the use of glass in homes will expand.

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