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Impact Door Entrance MS381

Impact-resistant Entrance Doors Meet ASTM & Florida Building Code Standards

MS381 Impact Entrance Doors

Series 381 medium style impact-resistant entrance doors combines Coral’s standard door components and corner construction with specially designed glazing moldings to create a door capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions and potential hazards associated with security threats from a bomb blast.

Series 381 impact-resistant entrance system is fully tested in accordance with ASTM and Florida Building Code standards for large missile impact and is approved for use in south Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone and coastal areas considered wind-borne debris regions. In addition the Series 381 entrance system with FL550 framing meets the Federal Government’s standards on anti terrorism forced protection.

Other door entrance systems include our hurricane impact NS281 entrance system and non-impact commercial door entrance systems.

Coral also offers the option of shipping the door pre-glazed.



  • 3 Point Locking Hardware
  • Standard Push/Pull
  • 1 1/2 Pair of Butt Hinges

Performance Test Standards

  • ASTM E 283 / *TAS 202 – Air Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E 330 / *TAS 202 – Uniform Load Deflection and Structural Test
  • ASTM E 1886-1996 / *TAS 201-203 – Missile Impact and Cycling Test
  • ASTM F 1642 / GSA-TS01 / UFC 4-010-01 Blast Mitigation Test and Performance Levels
  • MS381 Impact-resistant Entrance Doors – ASTM Test Results
  • MS381 Impact-resistant Entrance Doors – Florida Product Approval Number – FL10432.1 (impact-resistant for use in HVHZ)

*Indicates test standards in compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code.