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System Description

Series PW251 is a 2-1/2” X 7” is a screw-spline assembled pressure wall curtain wall system can accommodate 1” insulated glass for low-rise, multi-story and monumental applications. Snap-together profiles using integral screw-spilne joinery allows for the frames to be pre-assembled in panels resulting in increased productivity and quality control. PW251 options include fully captured and two-sided silicone structural glazed and 10” deep profiles are available.




Glazing gaskets:

  • Same EPDM dense gasket used on interior and exterior at glass

Screw spline joinery allows:

  • CoraPunch Die shop fabrication
  • Die set punches spline and pressure bar weep holes
  • Panelized frame assembly for easy transporting and installation

Pressure Bars:

  • Preloaded with a dense EPDM thermal isolator at factorywith attachment holes pre-punched 9” O.C.
  • Attached to back members with #12-14 x 1-1/4” HWH #3 self-drilling fasteners
  • Panelized frame assembly for easy transporting and installation

Removable snap-on interior trim covers at all horizontals allows:

  • Anchor inspection to substrate after glazing
  • Inspection and/or repair of critical joint seal areas after glazing

Injection molded plastic end dams and bridges:

  • Accurate and tight seals at intersection of vertical/horizontal joints
  • Zone glazed system with weep holes in pressure bar for water control

Injection molded plastic top and bottom vertical mullion caps:

  • Accurate compression fit
  • Provides continuous perimeter seal

Injection molded plastic temporary glazing retainer:

  • Reduces labor
  • Distributes uniform pressure on glass reducing risk of breaking glass
  • Reusable for next project

Performance Test Standards

  • ASTM E 283 – Air Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E 331 – Water Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E 330 – Uniform Load Deflection and Structural Test
  • AAMA 1503-09 / NFRC 102-2010 Thermal Transmittance Performance
  • Florida Product Approval Number – FL8379 (non-impact for use outside HVHZ)