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System Description

Series PW257 is a 2-1/2” x 7-5/16” impact-resistant screw-spline assembled curtain wall system can accommodate 1-5/16” insulated laminated glass designed for wind-borne debris applications. PW257 impact-resistant curtain wall is fully tested in accordance with ASTM and Florida Building Code standards for large missile impact and is approved for use in south Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone and coastal areas considered wind-borne debris regions. PW257 options include fully captured and two-sided silicone structural glazed applications.



  • 2-21/.” x 7-5/16″ for 1-5/16″ Glazing Infill
  • Screw-spline joinery
  • Hydraulic CoraPunch or drill jig fabrication options
  • Eliminates “T” anchors for structural attachment
  • Frames can be assembled in panels for easy transport and installation
  • Pressure bars include factory installed EPDM thermal isolators with attachment holes pre-drilled at 9″ on center
  • Removable snap-on interior trim covers at horizontal members allows inspection and/or repair of critical joint seal areas and anchor inspection to substrate after the system has been glazed
  • EVA foam end dams and bridges provide critical joint seals at horizontal intersections for zone glazing and weather-tight performance
  • Aluminum mullion caps installed at the top and bottom of vertical mullions provides a continuous line of perimeter sealant

Performance Test Standards

  • ASTM E 283 / *TAS 202 – Air Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E 331 / *TAS 202 – Water Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E 330 / *TAS 202 – Uniform Load Deflection and Structural Test
  • ASTM E 1886-1996 / *TAS 201-203 – Missile Impact and Cycling Test
  • AAMA 1503-09 / NFRC 102-2010 Thermal Transmittance Performance
  • ASTM E 90 – Acoustical Performance Test
  • Florida Product Approval Number – FL14495 (impact-resistant for use in HVHZ)

*Indicates test standards in compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code